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Jobs in the Bahamas

Scattered like dabs of possibility on an adventurer’s palette, the Bahamas are ready-made for exploration. Just ask Christopher Columbus, he bumped against these limestone landscapes in 1492 and changed the course of history.

Job Description Reference Code / Location Salary (Net amount)  
Small but exclusive language School in Nassau. The salary of 3800 USD per month is very high for local standards. The school also provided the Teacher with a studio apartment within walking distance from the School. 3 foreign Teachers needed, Contract Duration is 12 month, travel expenses are not covered. Click Here to review the complete job description RC5635, Nassau 3800 USD/Month plus benefits Apply
Teach adults full-time in Nassau: This language school has four openings available for English Teachers from North-America or the UK. All flight expenses are covered by the school and the contract duration is set to 12 month. The Teacher should be enthusiastic about the teaching position and not older than 50 years of age. Click Here to review the complete job description RC6414, Nassau 2900 USD/Month plus benefits Apply
Two teaching positions available on the island of Grand Bahama in Freeport with it's spectacular views. Even though the salary is a little lower you won't need that much compared to Nassau. Click Here to review the complete job description RC3134, Freeport 1800 USD/Month Apply
Full-time English tutor needed in this private owned language school in Nassau. Only 15 teaching hours per week with one-by-one classes. 3 and 6 month contracts *summer Positions available. Click Here to review the complete job description RC8862, Nassau 2500 USD/Month Apply
Another teaching position came in on the island of Grand Bahama. Also a private owned language school with a total student population of 80-100 local students which are mostly young adults. Only one year contract in this school with furnished accommodation and flight expenses covered for the foreign Teacher. Click Here to review the complete job description RC1244, Freeport 2200 USD/Month plus benefit Package Apply
Teaching Job available on Adelaide city. You would teach employees for a private company who already have basic English skills. There are 6 and 12 month contracts available - Accommodation is provided by the company and is within walking distance RC-1732, Adelaide City 3750 USD / Month Apply
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